About National Door

  National Door Industries, Inc. originated in 1968, as JoBa, Inc. Bob Barnard, one of the founding owners, took over active management in 1970 and the name was changed to JoBa Plastics, Inc. Prior to 1970 the company imported and distributed glass. In 1970, the company began direct manufacturing and distribution of decorative garage door window trim to garage door manufacturers and installing dealers.

In 1974, the company changed its name to Architectural Plastics and began manufacturing items relating to the home building industry. These products were manufactured from plastic rather than wood as had been traditionally used. Distribution of the products at that time was primarily to surrounding states and the local trade area.

In 1976, National Door Supply Co. was formed and began importing and selling fasteners and other items to the garage door industry. These products quickly grew until the company became a full service supplier to both the garage door manufacturers and dealers.

In 1986, Architectural Plastics was purchased in its entirety and became a wholly owned subsidiary of National Door Supply Co., Inc. In 1989 product lines from both National Door Supply Co. and Architectural Plastics were merged and the company was renamed as National Door Industries, Inc.

In 2011, the sons of Bob Barnard, Mike and Britt, took over ownership of National Door Industries, Inc. and continue to lead the company and it's employees toward the future. Today the company serves many of the garage door manufacturers and thousands of installing and servicing dealers in the United States as well as many other countries. 

Our manufacturing facilities have also grown with us, from our original 6,000 square foot warehouse to our present 100,000 square foot facility. The number of employees has also grown from one person in 1968, to today's number which exceeds over 70 loyal and dedicated employees.

We take pride in that many of our employees have completed over 15 years of service. Our company was founded on strong discipline, hard work, dedication, perseverance, integrity, good products at a fair price, and the tireless efforts of our employees and management. These things are the foundation that has made the company grow to where it is today and will certainly determine it's future.

We at National Door Industries, Inc. look forward to serving our customers and providing employment in our community for many years to come.