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Ordering Information

  National Door Industries is always pleased to receive your order and anxious to fill it as promptly as possible. If you will note the following about placing your order, it will help us serve you more efficiently.

Who May Buy

  National Door is a wholesale supplier for the garage door industry. We sell to garage door installers, dealers and manufacturers.

Minimum Order Charge

  The minimum order amount is $25.00. Orders for merchandise totaling less than that, will be billed at $25.00.

International Ordering

  North America
  All orders within North America will be shipped from our Export Department.  Prices quoted are in U.S. dollars only. The customer is responsible for all duties, taxes, freight and postage charges incurred in shipment(s). The Export Department will prepare all necessary Customs documents.
  Outside North America
  National Door’s sales personnel are experienced in the proper handling of international orders, inquiries and quotations. The preferred method of payment for all international orders is wire transfer or credit card. Other methods of payment are subject to the approval of the Credit Manager. There will be a bank handling charge added to all invoices. Export shipments are normally made via ocean freight, air cargo, air or regular parcel post. Since ocean freight shipments need special packaging, a separate charge for this service will be added. If you are a C.O.D. account, we suggest that you send a check in advance to avoid C.O.D. charges. Also note that UPS and the Postal Service WILL NOT take C.O.D.’s out of the U.S., therefore you would need to send a check in advance.

Return Material Authorization (RMA)

  When you need to return something to us, call our Customer Service Department and explain the situation to us. We will email or fax you an RMA. If National Door is to pay for the return freight, we ask you to help keep costs down by following the shipping instructions on the RMA. Normally returns will be made via UPS or Common Carrier Motor Freight. We will furnish our completed bill of lading for Motor Freight returns, properly coded, along with instructions for palletizing, or for other specific instructions necessary when preparing a return shipment. Please follow these instructions carefully, so that we do not have unauthorized freight charges, or damaged merchandise which you would be responsible for. Make sure you note the RMA number and the original invoice number on each carton you return. If material is returned without this information we waste valuable time tracking it down, in addition to any restocking charge which may apply. Sorry, returns are not allowed on hand or power tools that have been used. No C.O.D. returns will be accepted.

No Fault Returns

  Anything you buy from us that is stock merchandise, and which is in new, resaleable condition, can be returned by calling and obtaining a RMA. If you ask for the RMA within 30 days of the invoice date there will be no restocking charge. The RMA must be used within 30 days of issue, and return freight is your responsibility. Please remember that when you want to return items under this “No Fault” policy, the invoice is still due and payable according to terms. Once we have received the material, inspected, and approved it for return to stock, we will issue a credit.

31 to 90 Days 

  If you need an RMA for merchandise that is over 30 days old from the invoice date, there will be a 15% restocking charge. Also, any special order items ordered or made for you cannot be returned. No freight credit allowed. All returns are subject to the approval of the Returns Manager. 

91 Days and Over

  Sorry, items more than 90 days old from invoice date cannot be returned.

Returns Due to National Door's Error

  As hard as we try, occasionally there may be an error in what we ship you. When this happens let us know right way, at least within 30 days of the invoice date so we can correct any problems quickly. We will send you a RMA for the return. Once the material is returned and inspected as noted below we will credit you for 100% of the material plus all inbound and outbound freight charges authorized. The more that time goes by, the harder it is to tell what went wrong. So if you ask to return something that is 30 days old, or if when we receive a return from you it has been damaged or abused, we may have to charge a restocking fee, or depending on the circumstances, we may not be able to issue any credit.


  When we accept a return from you, we will carefully inspect it to make sure it is in resaleable condition or to find out if there is any problem with it. If it is a “no fault” credit and the material is resalable, we will issue credit. If the material is an error return, once we confirm the error and get it corrected we will issue credit. If something is returned which has been damaged due to abuse, misuse, carelessness or neglect we will not be able to issue credit. 

Special Ordered Merchandise 

  Special ordered or fabricated items must be on written purchase orders. They are not returnable for credit. Special ordered or manufactured merchandise can only be cancelled with the written approval of National Door, and then only after we determine from the manufacturer that production can be stopped and/or the order has not already been processed. 

Customer Service


Checking On Orders

  Call Customer Service if you have not received an order that you have placed. Give us the above information and we can give you an answer almost immediately from our computer system.

Checking On Back Orders

  If you have an outstanding back order, first check the invoice to be sure it was not cancelled.  If it was not cancelled, call our Sales Department. Please have your account number and other information (outlined above) ready.

Advising Shipping Dates

  If you have placed an order and would like to know the ship date, call Customer Service. Please have your account number and other information (outlined above) ready.

Cancelling Orders

  If you would like to cancel your order, call Customer Service. Please have ready the information outlined above, as it will be required to process your request.If cancelling PO, be sure to get cancellation number from Customer Service Representative.

Verifying Shortages

  A shortage must be reported within 10 days from the date of shipment, or any claim will be disallowed. Every shipment contains a packing list; Care should be taken to ensure that the list corresponds to the container contents.
  Carton Shortages

All shipments move F.O.B. our warehouse unless otherwise stated. Goods in transit are the property of the consignee (customer). The responsibility for shortages falls on the customer. Check your freight bill for carton count to insure all packages are delivered. If the shipment comes up short, have the driver note the shortage on the freight bill and sign it. Then immediately contact the carrier advising them of the shortage. Carriers usually require 5 to 10 days to determine if the missing cartons are somewhere else in their system, before allowing a claim. Most of the time they will find the carton and deliver it within a few days. If this does not happen and you wish to reorder the missing merchandise, contact our Order Department. However, on reorders you will be responsible for any freight charges on the reorder or return of material, if both orders arrive.

UPS Regular and Air Service: Many orders shipped from our warehouse via UPS consist of more than one carton. The number of cartons or weight is listed on the computerized manifest label attached to each carton. A packing slip is attached to one of the cartons. When a shipment arrives, check the number of cartons shipped by looking at the packing slip. If you do not get a packing slip and feel you are short cartons, call our Customer Service Department; they will check the original sales order and advise you of the number of cartons shipped. Before you ask to have missing cartons traced, we want you to understand that sometimes UPS gets the shipments mixed up in one of their Hub Centers and they will deliver the missing carton the following day.

UPS will not accept a tracer for 10 working days on a regular ground shipment, or 4 working days on an air shipment (red or blue label), from the date of invoice. If you cannot wait for the merchandise, you can reorder from our Order Department; however, you will be responsible for any freight charges on the reorder, or return of material if both orders arrive. If your short cartons never show up, ask Customer Service to file a claim for you.

Parcel Post: Shipments made by the U.S. Postal System require a lot of paperwork, and they do not accept a tracer for 30 days. If you have a shortage, please contact our Customer Service Department.

  Contents Shortages

Contents shortages can happen in three ways: (1) the carton was open and resealed, (2) the carton was damaged (see Damage Section), or (3) the contents were never put in the carton (call our Customer Service Department, as we can verify shortages). When you receive a shipment, you should immediately check all merchandise against your packing slip to be sure all material is received. This is very important, as some carriers will not accept a claim if it is not filed within 10 days of the receipt of the order. If a box breaks open, some carriers will just reseal it with tape, and will not make a notation that the carton has been opened. Please check the contents of the box with this type of resealing immediately. If you do notice a shortage, be sure to save the shipping carton and all packing material and contents for the carrier’s inspection, or your claim may be denied. On any shortage where the carton has been opened, contact the carrier and have them send out an inspector. Any claim should be reconciled with the carrier. If you run into any problems, please feel free to call our Customer Service Department.

  Before claiming a shortage:
  - Check to be sure you have received all the car tons that were shipped (see lower right hand corner of packing slip).
- Check invoice to be sure that the items you feel you are shorted were not back ordered or cancelled.
- Check to see if all packing material has been inspected for merchandise.
- Make sure that none of your other personnel have removed a carton or contents before the merchandise was totally checked in.
- Check the cartons thoroughly to see if they were broken or damaged so you can determine who is responsible for the shortage—the carrier or the shipper.

Handling Damages

  Freight and Common Carrier Damages

Material is shipped F.O.B. our warehouse unless otherwise stated. Goods in transit are property of the consignee (customer). The responsibility for damages and claims is the sole responsibility of the customer. It is important that goods be checked immediately for concealed damage, as a freight line will not accept claims for damage of this type after 10 days of receipt. Check all packages for signs of damage before signing the freight bill. Have the driver so mark the freight bill if damage is apparent, and immediately contact the carrier.

Normally the freight company will send an inspector who will need the following:

  - Our original invoice, to verify the value.
- The freight bill signed short or damaged.
- The original shipping containers and damaged goods. Payment will be made directly to you from the freight company. DO NOT return goods to National without our written authorization.
  UPS Damages

When a UPS shipment arrives, it is extremely important that you check each package for signs of damage. Normally UPS will retape a damaged package with clear or tan tape. Do not sign for or accept damaged packages. Please contact Customer Service at National if you wish goods reshipped. Credit will be issued for the refused material. Should you discover damage after accepting and signing for a UPS parcel, contact your local UPS Hub Center immediately. An inspector will come to your premises and issue a receipt for this parcel. Insist upon this receipt, as it is your guarantee of receiving proper credit. Notify National Door immediately if you wish goods to be reshipped. Due to UPS regulations, National will be responsible for filing the claim.

IMPORTANT - Retain all damaged goods, cartons, and packing materials, as these will be required by the UPS inspector. No claim will be honored after 10 days from receipt of goods.


Tracing Shipments and Proof of Delivery


Our Customer Service Department will be glad to trace any shipment for you. However, they are bound by certain carrier’s rules: Freight companies will trace a shipment at any time, but ask that we allow a reasonable amount of time for delivery before requesting a tracer.

Note: The post office and some freight lines charge for proof of delivery or tracing (approximately $3.00 - $5.00). If we incur charges for this service, they will be passed on to you.


Miscellaneous Charges


Broken Lot Charge - 15%

  Most of the items in our catalog have standard packaging quantities. These quantities are published in the catalog directly next to the subject items. A 15% broken lot charge will be added to an item below the published package quantity.  Some items are not sold below package quantity. This charge applies to all orders unless otherwise stated.

Cutting Charge - $15.00 

  National Door will add a $15.00 cutting charge to any order that requires stock lengths to be cut.  This cutting charge is a per-item charge.  This service is offered to our customers to more economically ship stock length material.  We reserve the right to charge additional cutting charges should customers require more than 10 pieces per item for cutting.  When large quantities are involved, we recommend our customers cut their own extrusions from stock lengths. 

Drop Shipment Charge - $15.00

  National Door will add a $15.00 drop shipment charge to any order that ships to a location that doesn’t belong to the customer.

Setup Charge on Discontinued Items

  National Door will add a variable setup charge to any order that include window frames or design trim for discontinued or obsolete products.  The setup charge is variable depending on the item and quatities ordered.